March printing workshop

Members of Garioch Art Group arrived at Fiona Chance’s Printing workshop in Durno wearing our ‘old clothes’ as instructed.

Fiona had chosen that we work in Relief Print and she demonstrated the procedure after which first, we had to choose our print subject, then ‘draw’ it out on Styrofoam using either a hot knife, a craft knife, or a choice of other sharpish tools.  We then put a good covering of black ink on the roller then rolled the ink on the Styrofoam drawing, then covered the image onto one of a choice of papers; plain, coloured or patterned.   If we chose to we could then remove all the ink from the Styrofoam, add another colour of ink/s and work over as before.  The effects were inspiring. 

We were all very impressed and excited thinking about the wonderful piece of art we might take home.  We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.

Fiona Chance studied at the National College of Dublin and learned to master many types of printing.  Several examples are on the walls of her workshop which showed the variety offered in the Printing art world.